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Commissioned by the secretaries-general of thirteen ministries, social assignments are tackled in a new way. We call it: Stratlabs (short for: strategy labs). This is what we have in mind: the StratLab is a place where people can work openly, relaxed and hard, and where they can experiment with enthusiasm. People from inside and outside the government tackle issues and remove existing (bureaucratic) obstacles. In this way we develop a new working method for the government. The first experiments in any case have wetten our appetite. See this underlying vision document.

Interdepartmental issues

We apply different perspectives during the Stratlab meetings to tackle interdepartmental issues such as “natural gas-free neighborhoods” and the “future labor market”. In addition we try to remove existing (bureaucratic) obstacles and develop new cross-border approaches. By involving inspired and committed people who are open to serendipity, beautiful new and creative insights can arise. The top management of the central government (TMG) plays a crucial role in this process. The Stratlab is about applying a multitude of perspectives, so that the chance of establishing creative connections and finding creative solutions is enhanced.


The objectives of the Stratlab fit within the broader goal to renew the working methods of the Board of secretaries general of the central government and of the government service in general. sexy booty gets sniffed.